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Community Events

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Many events in the community can be interpreted when necessary for communication access. From plays to concerts, library programs to museum talks, trade shows to festivals, interpreting may be needed to allow Deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf Blind, and late-deafened people to participate equally. For most community events, pre-planning is done to make sure there is adequate preparation time for the interpreter(s). Reviewing scripts, translating lyrics, and reading speeches in advance are all part of a qualified interpreter’s role in providing appropriate services. In addition, advertising of the event to include the provision of interpreting services, setting up placement of the interpreter, lighting, monitors or sound systems, and reserved seating for consumers all require pre-planning. For some events, interpreting services are provided in order to make a “come one, come all” event accessible for all.

If you want to attend an upcoming event and need a qualified interpreter, let the sponsors, organizers, event planners, or ticket sellers know with as much advance notice as possible. You have a right to communication access for many different community events, and arranging for quality interpreting takes time and pre-planning. 

If you need a qualified interpreter, please give our contact information to the person in charge of communication access.

If you are planning a community event, include a way for the public to request interpreting services in advance if needed. This way you can prepare to meet those needs. In many cases, your specific need for interpreters does not justify hiring a full-time staff interpreter. Working with an experienced interpreting services provider to obtain needed services can help make your communication accessibility a reasonable task.




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